India Hailed by UN for Holding Dialogues on Afghanistan

 The UN Secretary-Special General’s Representative for Afghanistan lauded the recent regional security conference on Afghanistan hosted by India demonstrates how strongly regional countries are stepping up at this critical time to emphasize the need for stability in the war-torn country as well as the urgent need to combat transnational terrorism. 

The security czars of Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan met in Delhi for a regional security dialogue on Afghanistan. 

National Security Advisors (NSAs) from the participating countries advocated for unrestricted, direct, and assured humanitarian help to Afghanistan during the regional debate. Pakistan has denied aid to be sent to Afghanistan via transit facilities. 

 The United Nations mentioned that India recently hosted a summit of certain regional countries at the level of National Security Advisors. All signs point to the regional governments stepping up their efforts at this vital time. 

Regional countries, like the rest of the world community, have emphasized the importance of girls’ education, women returning to work, and respect for human rights and minorities rights in Afghanistan. There is a broad regional and international agreement on these problems. On these matters, the world is speaking with one voice to the Taliban. 

The “Delhi Declaration on Afghanistan,” agreed at the Regional Security Dialogue of National Security Advisors, demonstrates the much-needed regional agreement on Afghanistan, according to India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador T S Tirumurti. The Delhi Declaration on Afghanistan has been warmly received by the international community and key stakeholders, including Afghans.  

The NSAs argued for delivering unrestricted, direct, and assured help to the Afghan people, and that aid should be distributed in a “non-discriminatory” manner across all areas of society.