India finalises major deal with Russia to produce AK-47 203 rifles

A major deal involving manufacturing of AK-47 203 rifles has been finalised between India and Russia. The deal comes at a time when Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is in Russia.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Defence, it said, “Both sides welcomed the advance stage of discussions for the establishment in India of an India-Russian Joint Venture for the production of AK203 assault rifles which are considered one of the most modern weapons available for infantry forces.”

Being the latest and the most advanced version of the AK-47 rifle, the AK-47 203 will replace the Indian Small Arms System (INSAS) 5.56×45 mm assault rifle. It must be noted that the Indian Army has a requirement of 7,70,000 AK-47 203 rifles. Of the total 7,70,000 AK-47 203 rifles, 1,00,000 will be imported while the rest will be manufactured in India.

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