In the shadow of Beirut explosion, explosive chemicals stored near Chennai moved to Hyderabad

In the light of the massive explosions in Beirut, the safety concerns over the storage of ammonium nitrate were addressed as the substance has been e-auctioned and is being shipped to Hyderabad, the sources stated.  

Adding further, they said that 697 tonnes of the explosive chemical was being kept in the container freight station near Chennai and that the e-auction of the chemical is over. Some containers containing the chemical, have already left for Hyderabad and this transportation is being done adhering to safety rules, they added.  

It must be noted that the cargo was seized in 2015 under the Customs Act 1962 from a Tamil Nadu-based importer who had allegedly declared the substance as fertiliser grade although it was explosive grade. The cargo was then kept at the freight station located about 20 km from the city.  

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