In another boost to Serbia’s tech sector, Huawei opens an innovation centre in Belgrade

In another boost to Serbia’s flourishing tech sector, China’s tech giant Huawei has opened an innovation centre in Belgrade. The Huawei Digitalization and Innovation Centre will majorly focus on identifying new talent – individuals, startups, or just local companies with great ideas, and will help them to develop.

Huawei’s Regional Director, Li Mengqun said, “Serbia has a remarkable system for nurturing talent and innovation. Together with local partners, we want to create a digital eco-system and help achieve Serbia’s digital transformation goals.”

Adding further, he said, “The IT and e-governance office, working together with Huawei, will build a smart education platform very soon with virtual desktop infrastructure. Then we’ll start gradually introducing an artificial intelligence technology.”

Mengqun believes that the partnership between the two will help Serbia to strengthen and further bolster its position as one of the leading IT players of the world.

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