In a strong message to China, U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrier ‘USS Nimitz’ to take part in naval exercise with Indian warships

In a strong message to China, United States Navy’s aircraft carrier USS Nimitz has arrived in the Indian Ocean and will be taking part in the naval exercise with the Indian warships near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 

Leading a U.S. carrier strike group to the Indian Ocean for the joint exercise with the Indian Navy, USS Nimitz entered the Indian Ocean via the Malacca Strait on July 18. The PASSEX (passing exercise) comes close on the heels of other naval exercises, including Malabar, which the navies of the two countries have been undertaking in order to enhance their “interoperability”.  

This comes amid the ongoing border tension between India and China and the experts are of the view that this move is a signal to Beijing amid its belligerent attitude being seen in the wider Asia-Pacific region. 

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