In a move to contain a sudden Coronavirus cluster, South Australia announces a six-day “circuit-breaker” lockdown

In a move to contain a sudden COVID-19 cluster in its capital city that ended a months-long streak of no infections, the state of South Australia, on November 18, announced a six-day “circuit-breaker” lockdown for its nearly two million people.

 “We are going hard and we are going early. Time is of the essence and we must act swiftly and decisively. We cannot wait to see how bad this becomes,” said state premier Steven Marshall.

As per the restrictions, schools, restaurants and factories were told to be shut at midnight while the residents across the state have been asked to stay at home. Banning weddings and funerals, the state has announced that mask-wearing will be made mandatory in public. This comes when the state had not recorded a significant outbreak since April.

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