IMF lauds swift measures taken by Egypt to deal with COVID-19 impacts

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on September 29, lauded Egypt’s swift measures taken by it to deal with the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is said that the Egyptian government has spent $528 million of funds towards boosting the health care sector by providing medical supplies and paying allowances for the front line workers in the health ministry. Also, the government paid monthly 31.7 dollars to the seasonal workers for three months whose unstable income completely vanished due the ongoing pandemic. The IMF also stated that the government in Egypt has raised pension wages by 14 per cent and has also increased the cash transactions for those in need.

In its research paper on Social Spending in the Middle East and Central Asia, the IMF said, “Egypt has allocated 6.13 billion U.S. dollars until June for responding to the deteriorations of the pandemic.”

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