ILO report talks about the widening migrant pay gap

According to a report released by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the migrant pay gap is widening.  Migrants earn nearly 13 per cent on average less than national workers in high-income countries.

According to the ILO,  In the last five years, the migrant pay gap has widened in some high-income countries: In Italy for example, migrant workers earn 30 per cent less than nationals according to the latest data, compared to 27 per cent in 2015. In Portugal the pay gap is 29 per cent compared to 25 per cent in 2015, and in Ireland 21 per cent compared to 19 per cent in 2015.

However, in all countries they face problems of discrimination and exclusion, which have been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic , the ILO study shows.

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