If the Europeans believe it, the Western world got future – by MEP Luis Yáñez-Barnuevo

The future of Europe is linked more than we think to the strategic partnership between EU and Latin America and with North America and surprised that this external dimension of Europe is neither in sight nor by policy makers and analysts. I’ll try to explain.
I mean by Western world mainly: Europe, USA, Latin America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I mean those people and territories that were either colonial powers and colonized societies that for centuries adopted the Western values, habits, religion, customs and ways of life in a wide range of concepts but it is “recognizable” even nowadays despite globalization.
Particularly within globalized world we can only survive with relative success if we are part of larger groupings and alliances. We have seen several so-called emerging (or already emerged ) powers, these are considered BRIC although they have nothing more in common than being big countries from a world less developed .
The EU itself is already one of these groups, with more success than they are willing to admit or even primarily from inside, but to cooperate and compete with potential future groupings or Asian or African alliances for example our “ natural” approach is or should be with America because, as I said, we share much more than the rest of the world.
Far from the intention of the author of this article, reproducing or emulating old formulas or suggesting subliminally racial or religious separations. At this stage of century XXI, all continents, especially in the Western, have such a multicultural mix (beneficial in general) would be foolish to presume racial superiority as before.
USA, product of European colonization and heir from its traditions, it is called to play the triangular shaft alliance. Traditionally it has conducted an authoritarian interventionist policy throughout the continent that it has generated a backlash in the majority of Latin Americans. In the last twenty years things have changed and especially with the Obama´s administration ratio equal footing with countries like Brazil and Mexico and other countries, it has helped to improve the perception in the South had got about the giant from the North.
The problem to consolidate the strategic triangle is that the political and media hegemony of the Anglo-Saxon world in the heart of the EU and, of course, the U.S. is so overwhelming as opposed to this thesis by the rejection that produces them to include Latin America in Scheme Western.
On the one hand, the UK is still brewing its colonial failures in what it was then Latin America and the continuing crisis in Argentina, unanimously supported by all of Latin America ,on the issue of Malvinas – Falkland, it prevents to progress in this idea that I defend.
So the strategy of performing a network of strategic partnerships between the EU and Latin America is moving so slowly. It is true that there are already commercial, political and cooperation agreements with Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Central America and Chile, but the big deal with Mercosur is jammed after years of arduous negotiations and nobody is sure that it will be closed by the end of the current term of the European Parliament.
Protectionism, habitual enemy of trade agreements, has much to do with this failure and Argentina has much to explain, but not only her.What I understand by the Western, nowadays it has no ideological connotation , as I said , even geographically, it is a new concept to develop but I have could to prove its existence in my ten years as MEP at the European Parliament.
In colloquial terms, there is less difference between a Chilean and a European that two other citizens of the rest of the world that we can compare. So we have to use it in political terms which means with strategic alliances.

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