Iceland Provides USD 1.2 Million to Vulnerable Countries’ Climate Action

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has received a new contribution of around $1.2 million from the Iceland government to support vulnerable countries in their efforts to address climate change.

With this commitment, Iceland becomes the UNDP’s newest Climate Promise financial partner, joining Germany, Sweden, Belgium, the European Union (EU), Spain, and Italy in supporting the initiative’s next phase.

The UNDP’s Climate Promise is the world’s largest offer of climate and development assistance to nations in support of their national commitments to the Paris Agreement.

The initiative, in collaboration with its partners, is currently assisting 120 countries, representing 80% of all developing countries worldwide, in defining their national climate pledges, also known as nationally determined contributions (NDCs), by engaging stakeholders from all levels of government and society.

 Thus far, 89 of these nations have submitted NDCs to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

UNDP inaugurated the next phase of the Climate Promise – From Pledge to Impact – on November 3 during the first week of COP26, scaling up its support to turn NDC targets into real action in at least 100 countries.

This donation will assist nations to expedite inclusive action in order to reach their commitments while also pushing for greater climate action ambition.

Iceland’s latest contribution adds to the more than $20 million pledged by Climate Promise partners for the initiative’s second phase in 2021.

The effort also contributes to the NDC Partnership, a group of countries and institutions working together on climate action through Nationally Determined Contributions, of which UNDP is one of the largest implementers.

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