Hyperloop Development in Europe gains Momentum

The European Rail Infrastructure Managers (EIM) and the seven largest hyperloop players have signed an agreement to support the integration of hyperloop and rail systems across Europe, as well as to share information and best practices in order to facilitate cooperation and efficiency for future mobility systems.

EIM rail infrastructure managers and hyperloop companies will be able to learn from one another and identify possible innovation drivers as a result of this collaboration. Hardt, HyperloopTT, Nevomo, Swisspod Technologies, TransPod, Virgin Hyperloop, and Zeleros are among the hyperloop enterprises.

The hyperloop companies that signed the agreement believe that this new collaboration with EIM would improve connectivity between the two modes. In the interests of freight customers and passengers, it will also help hyperloop become a complimentary transportation eco-system.

The deal is the most recent in a series of recent developments that have pushed the hyperloop dream closer to reality. According to Virgin Hyperloop CEO Josh Giegel, who spoke with Intelligent Transport earlier this year, the technology might be ready for passengers as early as this decade.

There’s no doubt that hyperloop will revolutionize the game in terms of public transportation, but getting this future technology approved by regulators and safe for passengers will be difficult. However, agreements like this one show that flying from Paris to Berlin in a short of hours may be closer than you think.

PC: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Na19-Apr-Hyperloop.jpg