Hike in COVID-19 cases in Pakistan traces to Tablighi Congregation

Pakistan is struggling immensely to fightback the spread of the pandemic COVID-19 within its border and its tracking mechanism has been deemed incompetent to track infected people in the nation.

The spread of the novel coronavirus in Pakistan with hundreds of positive cases, has been traced to a planned five-day religious congregation started on March 11. Over 2.5 lakh devotees from the nook and corner of Pakistan and abroad attended the Tablighi Congregation (Ijtimah), held in the Raiwind area of Lahore.

Because of ongoing rains, the five-day event got terminated earlier and devotees returned to their own places on March 13. The gravity of the situation was understood later after several attendees of the congregation were tested positive.

Tracking the history of the patients of COVID-19 in Pakistan, Dr. Yasmin Rashid, Provincial Health Minister for Punjab province said that the majority of the cases reported in the province have been from the pilgrims who returned from Iran while the second-highest number of cases are from the Tableeghi congregation. The Provincial Health Minister fears that there is a looming threat of the spread of the virus in other areas as well.

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