Hermit kingdom North Korea encourages online education at major universities

As part of its efforts to train “intellectual-type workers” with science and technology knowledge, North Korea is promoting online education at major institutions and universities. 

About 100,000 workers are currently enrolled in online classes across the country, with 10,000 additional registrations this year. 

North Korea has emphasized its efforts to build a remote education system as a means of assisting people in learning “modern science and technology” that is required at their workplaces. 

At Kim Chaek University of Technology, the North established its first online education course ten years ago, and the number of students enrolled in such courses has steadily increased since then. 

Photo Credit : https://pixabay.com/de/photos/nordkorea-pj%c3%b6ngjang-geb%c3%a4ude-2662076/