Guyana President addresses nation on country’s Republic Day

On the occasion of the 51st anniversary of Guyana, the  country’s President Dr Irfaan Ali has called on to embrace the concept of One Guyana.  

In his Republic Day message, Dr Ali said:  “ “Our country’s national motto, “One people, One nation, One destiny”, is the tripod upon which our independent and republican statehood rests. The elements of our national motto commit us to the pursuit of unity; it affirms our sovereignty and shapes our ambitions”. 

According to President Ali, “One people” is a nod to Guyana’s ethnic diversity, while “One nation” signals unity in the face of external threats. According to the President, “One destiny” asserts the country’s shared aspiration of living in a just and prosperous society. 

“The ‘One Guyana’ project, which I recently launched, celebrates our oneness as enunciated in our national motto. It is aimed at excising the vices of ethnic rancour, hatred and divisiveness; breaking down barriers of mistrust, suspicion, and stereotypes; and fostering greater tolerance and understanding.  The One Guyana Project will encourage respect for the immeasurable worth of every citizen regardless of his or her race, religious belief or class. 

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