Guyana exploring possibility of ‘vaccine passport’

Guyana is exploring the possibility of a vaccine passport in the view of the COVID-19 crisis. President Irfaan Ali told a news conference that his administration is prepared to examine all options to deal with the pandemic including a “vaccine passport” in the face of hesitancy by some people to get vaccinated as well as the recklessness of others in flouting the existing health protocols. 

“To get back to normalcy, the introduction of a mass vaccination passport is being contemplated by many countries. In fact, we have already seen countries lower entry requirements for vaccinated persons,” Ali told reporters, adding “we here in Guyana will soon have to consider this option”. 

“Regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or not, we must all follow the COVID-19 guidelines. We had hoped that common sense would have prevailed in following the established guidelines but unfortunately it hasn’t. The enforcement, therefore, of these guidelines will be further strengthened and enhanced,” President Ali told reporters. 

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