Guernsey Spent £2.5 Million on International Aid in 2019

In 2019, Guernsey spent £2.5 million on international assistance programs. The president of the Overseas Aid and Development Commission explained that the States has focused its efforts on some of Africa’s poorest regions. 

Deputy Chris Blin believes that Guernsey “should be proud, although he noted that there was still more to be done. 

Within the next nine years, the States aims to spend 0.2 percent of GDP on foreign aid. The 2019 cash was used to fund more than 70 projects. 

The installation of eight boreholes costing £39,003 in Uganda was one of the projects, and another £39,969 was spent in Nepal on school bathrooms and safe drinking water facilities. 

As a result of Guernsey’s assistance, over 6,700 women are currently receiving maternity care. Other effects include the planting of 673,000 trees and the funding of 36 solar power projects. Guernsey should spend 0.2 percent of GDP on overseas aid by 2030, according to current State projections.