Grants of $27.21 million awarded by Japan for human development and management projects in Bangladesh

Two development projects in Bangladesh will receive a total of $27.21 million from the Japanese government.

Bangladesh will receive a grant of $4.21 million from the Japanese government for a project called “The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS)” in 2021, as well as $23 million for another project called “The Project for the Improvement of Governance and Management Research and Training Facilities”.

The government of Bangladesh and the government of Japan signed an exchange of notes and grant agreement in this respect on Wednesday (December).

On behalf of the Government of Bangladesh, Economic Relations Division Secretary Fatima Yasmin signed the agreement, while the Japanese Ambassador to Bangladesh, Ito Naoki, signed the exchange of notes and JICA Bangladesh Office, Dhaka Chief Representative Yuho Hayakawa signed the grant agreements.

The funds from the Japanese government is being used to fund scholarships for BCS Cadre Officers, Bangladesh Judicial Service Officers, and Bangladesh Bank First Class Officers to attend Masters and PhD courses at various Japanese universities.

 So far, 385 officers have received Masters Degrees from Japan (383 for Masters Degrees and 2 for PhDs) as part of the project.

Currently, 68 officers (59 for Masters degrees and 9 for PhDs) are studying in Japan, and 33 officers (30 for Masters degrees and 3 for PhDs) were selected for study in Japan in the most recent batch. It should be noted that the Japanese government previously awarded a grant of 6.8 billion (roughly) Japanese Yen for the project’s implementation from 2001 to 2020.

The Japanese government has provided funding for the project, which will be used to develop physical infrastructure for training and research in BIGM, as well as to establish specialized centers for joint education, training, and research activities on good governance, management, and development in Bangladesh and Japan.

Bangladesh Institute of Governance and Management (BIGM), which is part of the Ministry of Public Administration, will carry out the project. The project will be implemented from April 2021 to June 2023.

Aside from the two grant agreements, three Record of Discussions (R/D) for technical cooperation projects were also inked on Wednesday.

The “Strengthening Capacity for City Corporations Project,” “The Project for Improving Ground Handling Capacity at HazratShahjalal International Airport,” and “The Project for Capacity Building of Nursing Services Phase 2” will be implemented by the Local Government Division (LGD), Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, and Medical Education and Family Welfare Division, respectively.

Japan is Bangladesh’s single largest bilateral development partner, providing financial assistance for the country’s socio-economic growth. Japanese loans and grants are being used in a wide range of fields, including power, roads, bridges, telecommunications, agriculture, health, education, water supply and sanitation, rural development, environment, and human resource development, among others.

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