GPA Teams up with Atkins to Achieve UK’s Net Zero Ambitions

The UK has set the world’s most ambitious climate change target of Net Zero by 2050. The revised aim was published in law in June 2021, and it would reduce emissions by 78 percent, putting the UK more than three-quarters of the way to Net Zero by 2035. 

Given that building accounts for 38% of all emissions, a variety of laws have been implemented to help control the industry, such as Energy Performance Certificate targets that affect all property owners or stakeholders, whether commercial or residential. 

Atkins will provide technical and design support, as well as due diligence, compliance, and assurance, as well as cost management and annual planning cycles. 

The GPA is a Cabinet Office executive agency that was established in 2018. It oversees 9 million square feet of government property and is in charge of implementing the government’s property agenda throughout its office and warehouse assets. It also offers advice on design, technology, sustainability, and the customer experience in the workplace. 

The GPA is an important aspect of the Government’s Hubs programme, which is part of the Levelling Up agenda, as well as the Civil Service’s Workplace Transformation programme and the Net Zero project. The GPA is setting the bar for best practice by providing direction and leading by example in retrofitting and integrating sustainability into the Government’s general-purpose portfolio. 

Atkins is a global design, engineering, and project management firm with a focus on sustainability. It is a member of the UN Global Compact and bases its sustainability strategy on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which include climate change.