Gold-plated spectacles believed to be worn by Mahatma Gandhi emerged on the UK auction circuit

Believed to have been worn by Mahatma Gandhi and presented as a gift in the 1900s, a pair of gold-plated spectacles emerged on the UK auction circuit. The spectacles are estimated to fetch between 10,000 pounds and 15,000 pounds. 

East Bristol Auctions in Hanham, south-west England said that they were surprised to find that the spectacles that dropped through their letterbox in an envelope may have such a rich history behind it. Auctioneer Andy Stowe of East Bristol Auctions said, “It’s a huge find of great historical importance. The vendor had presumed them to be interesting, but of no value and did tell me to dispose of them ‘if they’re not worth anything’.” 

“I think he nearly fell off his chair when we presented our valuation. It’s a really great auction story and one that we all dream of,” he added.  

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