Germany Receives EU Approval to Tender More Solar and Onshore Wind Projects in 2022

The European Commission (EC) has accepted the German government’s plan to raise the capacity of solar and onshore wind power auctioned under the country’s Renewable Energy Act by 4.1 GW and 2.1 GW, respectively, in 2022. 

However, after witnessing the market competition, the Commission has reserved the authority to make a final decision for the third round of the solar tender. 

The decision to set greater targets was decided in the spring, bringing the total volume of onshore wind and solar tenders to around 5 GW and 6.05 GW, respectively, for next year. 

A number of additional changes taken by the German government in the spring when the Renewable Energy Act was revised were also approved by the EU regulator. Municipal financial participation in the development of ground-mounted solar plants, simplification of the photovoltaic capacity tender procedure, and changes to the rules for biomethane tenders are among them. 

The proposed measures will help Germany expand renewable energy while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with the EU Green Deal. They will do so without affecting competition. 

In November, Germany’s new government published more ambitious renewable energy plans, aiming for 200 GW of installed solar capacity and at least 30 GW of offshore wind by 2030 to accelerate the country’s energy transition and meet its climate goals. 

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