General Haftar orders re-opening of Libya’s oil ports and resume oil export

After months of closure pertaining to the on-going coronavirus pandemic, the east-based army of General Khalifa Haftar has announced to reopen the Libya’s oil ports and resume oil export. The announcement was made by the Oil Facilities Guard of Libya’s east-based army on August 18.

In an official statement, Naji al-Maghrabi, Commander of the Oil Facilities Guard, said that the oil ports can restart operations in order to “preserve the production and export areas, as well as the existing oil installations, such as gas and oil tanks, pipelines, and exploration equipment.”

Naji al-Maghrabi said that the decision has been taken post General Khalifa Haftar, the east-based army’s Commander met with officials of the east-based government and ordered the re-opening.

Naji al-Maghrabi added that frequent power blackouts in power plants due to a lack of fuel supply are another reason to reopen the ports.

Politically, the country is divided between rival authorities in the east and the west despite a UN-sponsored political agreement and the appointment of the UN-backed Government of National Accord in 2015.

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