French President slams reports covering France’s stance after recent attacks, calling it Islamophobic

Calling on the New York Times media correspondent to criticize English-language coverage of France’s stance after recent attacks, French President Emmanuel Macron said that it amounts to “legitimising” violence.

While paying tribute to teacher Samuel Paty who was beheaded after showing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in a lesson on free speech, Mr. Macron said, “When France was attacked five years ago, every nation in the world supported us.” Adding further, he said, “So when I see, in that context, several newspapers which I believe are from countries that share our values… when I see them legitimizing this violence, and saying that the heart of the problem is that France is racist and Islamophobic, then I say the founding principles have been lost.”

Despite his respect for different cultures, he reiterated his point saying, “I am not going to change our laws because they shock elsewhere.”

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