French and Russian President to meet virtually on June 26

Leaders of Russia and France is to meet virtually pertaining to restrictions at hand because of the coronavirus pandemic.

On June 26, French President Emmanuel Macron will hold a videoconference with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The announcement has been made by the France Presidency on June 24 that stated that the issues to be discussed in the meeting between the leaders involves coronavirus pandemic and the crises in Libya and Syria.

Issues pertaining to “cooperation in the fields of health and the environment” will be discussed by the leaders. The French Presidency added that the worsening situation in Iran and Ukraine is also on the card of discussion.

The office further stated that President Emmanuel Macron believes there is “a need to deal with all the difficult subjects” with Russia. The French Presidency statement added, “clarification and cooperation” is necessary, particularly in regards to European security in the face of international cyberattacks.

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