France soon to announce “exceptional package” for India in fight against Coronavirus

In its fight against coronavirus and in efforts to jointly combat the infection, France will soon announce an “exceptional package” for India, which also includes ventilators and expertise, said the French envoy to India on July 14.  

The two nations have shown exceptional solidarity, said French Ambassador to India Emmanuel Lenain on the French National Day – Bastille Day, adding further, “India has provided much needed equipment and drugs to French hospitals. Friendship is a two-way road and France has reciprocated.” 

He further thanked the Indian Government for its support to the operation to repatriate stranded tourists. 

It is to be noted that the French development agency AFD has granted an exceptional loan of 200 million Euros (Rs. 1,600 crore) to India to provide social services to the most vulnerable population in the country.   

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