France President Emmanuel Macron remains cautious about another nationwide lockdown as COVID-19 cases surge

French President Emmanuel Macron is quite cautious about another nationwide lockdown in the country as it recorded its biggest daily rise in Coronavirus infections since March. Cautious about the lockdown, President Macron is considering the harm it may cause to the economy.

“We’re doing everything to avoid another lockdown, and in particular a nationwide lockdown. Containment is the crudest of measures to fight against the virus,” said President Macron.

With 7,578 cases reported on August 28, the country has seen an “exponential” rise in the COVID-19 cases, following an increase of 6,111 on August 27 and 5,429 on August 26, said French Health Ministry.

Saying that a second lockdown would set back the fragile economic recovery of the country but added that it would be dangerous to rule out any such case.

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