France imposes full lockdown in 16 regions

16 regions (Departements) in France including Paris, have been placed under full lockdown for four weeks in the light of the rising COVID-19 cases in the country.  French Prime Minister Jean Castex made the announcement.  

“The situation is deteriorating,” Castex said, adding that the regional disparities meant that the government’s strategy of imposing localised restrictions rather than nationwide measures “remains relevant” 

Castex said, however, that the lockdown would be less strict than the one seen in the spring, and that schools will remain open. 

The 16 départements are; the eight départements of the greater Paris Île-de-France region, the five départements of the northern French Hauts-de-France region and the départements of Alpes-Maritimes, Seine-Maritime and Eure. 

“These confinement measures will not be a repeat of those we imposed in March and last November,” he said. 

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