Four years from UK’s Brexit vote, British voters opt to remain inside EU

As per the new research, a majority of British voters, four years on from the UK’s Brexit vote, would now opt to remain in the European Union.

As per the European Social Survey (ESS), a pan-European poll carried out every two years, showed 49.9% of respondents in the UK indicating to vote for remaining inside the bloc in 2018, which now has increased to 56.8%. In the most recent survey conducted, 34.9% said they would vote to opt out the bloc while 8.3% said they would not vote at all.

Georgina Wright, an EU expert at the Institute for Government, stated, “Brexit had an early uptick in support among member states, but for most EU citizens, Brexit hasn’t been on their radar for a long time.”

The survey also reveals the grown support for the EU, across the continent.

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