Five-point plan unveiled by Bangladesh to fight AMR

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today unveiled a five-point “action plan” to effectively fight antimicrobial resistance (AMR), saying that failure to tackle this hazard may cause even more lethal pandemics in future. 

“The world is now witnessing the devastating Covid-19 pandemic and the AMR may cause even more lethal pandemics in future,” she said while delivering her recorded statement broadcast at a High-level Interactive Dialogue on AMR in New York, the USA. 

According to BSS news, Sheikh Hasina said that according to an estimate by the World Health Organisation (WHO), 10 million people will die every year by 2050 from AMR. 

Quoting the WHO’s prediction, she also said the economic loss for the AMR would be in trillions of dollars which will also disrupt food security and progress towards achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and universal health coverage. 

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