Five Daesh suicide bombers and two security members die in recent Iraqi airstrike

The Iraqi forces and U.S.-led coalition aircraft attacked a Daesh hideout near the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, resulting in the killing of five Daesh suicide bombers and two security members.

The media office of the Iraqi Joint Operations Command (JOC) said that acting on intelligence reports, an Iraqi force, affiliated with the intelligence service, surrounded a Daesh hideout housing five suicide bombers, in a village located in the southwest of Baghdad.

The statement of the Iraqi Joint Operations Command (JOC) added that the troops, backed by an international coalition drone, managed to kill four suicide bombers, while the fifth blew himself up, leaving an officer and a soldier killed.

The Daesh militants have intensified their attacks on security forces, including Hashd Shaabi forces, and civilians in the formerly Daesh-controlled provinces that has claimed several lives while injuring dozens other. The raid came in the wake of putting a break to the augmenting attacks.

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