Finland Lobbying for Nuclear Energy to be classified as Sustainable Energy Source

Finland’s government is attempting to persuade the European Union (EU) to recognize nuclear power as a sustainable energy source. The development is the result of a top-secret decision.

Although the EU has certified wind and solar to be environmentally friendly, it has yet to make a judgment on gas and nuclear power.

In comparison to the emissions created by mining and transportation, nuclear energy is now considered a low-carbon energy source. This is true even when plants produce no emissions.

Finland currently has four nuclear power reactors, with a fifth approaching completion following several years of delays due to technical difficulties. As a result, the country’s nuclear energy future is vital.

Finland plans to become carbon-neutral by 2035, yet its industry is also energy-intensive.

Nuclear energy currently provides 30 % of Finland’s power.

According to the Finnish Broadcasting Company, the government’s decision to promote nuclear power as a sustainable energy source is a full U-turn for the Green Party, which is a member of the current five-party cabinet (YLE).

The party has a long history of being anti-nuclear, having resigned from past governments over the subject.