Fines and prison terms for not wearing masks: Qatar and Kuwait

With COVID-19 pandemic remaining with the world for a long-term as said by the WHO, countries world wide are adopting measures to deal with the virus on day to day basis, one being the adoption of social distancing and wearing of masks as the new normal.

In lieu with the same, so as to put forward strict measures, Qatar and Kuwait announced on May 17 that people who fail to wear face masks in the two countries risk jail terms or fines amounting to thousands of dollars.

As the fight against COVID-19 continues, Kuwait’s Health Ministry said that anyone caught could face up to three months in prison. On the other hand, Qatar could impose the maximum penalty in the country to be three years.

The maximum fine in Kuwait for not wearing face masks stood at 5,000 dinars ($16,200) and in Qatar 200,000 riyals ($55,000).

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