Federal Attorney General allows early release of jail inmates amid Coronavirus outbreak: Ethiopia

In line with the efforts of the government to contain the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, Federal Attorney General in Ethiopia has sanctioned the early release of more than 4,000 jail inmates from federal prisons.

The decision regarding the same came at a meeting between COVID-19 National Ministerial Committee and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed last week. Apart from mandatory COVID-19 test for new prisoners, convicts with minor offences and those with near release dates will be released in order to avoid overcrowding.

Around 4,110 inmates will be discharged from various correctional facilities, said Attorney General Adanech Abebe, adding further that the foreigners are among those to be released. Stating further, she said, “They will immediately be deported to their country.”

So far, Ethiopia has 12 confirmed Coronavirus cases but authorities fear of rise in the count over the coming days.

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