Fast and cheap paper-based Coronavirus test to be soon available in India

India will soon get a fast and cheap paper-based COVID-19 test, with scientists being hopeful that it will help turn the tide on the pandemic in one of the worst-hit nations across the world.

Co-creator Souvik Maiti, a scientist at New Delhi’s CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB) said, “This test doesn’t require any sophisticated equipment or highly trained manpower. There are lots of remote parts of India where you do not have any sophisticated laboratories… (The test) will be much easier to deploy; it will have much more penetration.”

With this researchers have expressed hope that the low cost of the paper-based test and the ease of using it can help root out the pathogen’s spread in poor and remote areas.

It must be noted that with more than 7.5 million infection cases, India is one of the worst-hit nations after the United States.

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