Experts at the UN Reject Unilateral Sanctions Against Countries

Sanctioned countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, and Iran are unable to access vital services such as medicines, food, electricity, water, and fuel in the midst of the pandemic, according to UN experts on Wednesday.

They stated in a statement published on the official United Nations news site that unilateral coercive actions violate the right to development and cause poverty in these and other countries.

As a result, a group of UN rapporteurs and independent experts called on nations that impose sanctions to remove them as quickly as possible, or at the very least reduce them to the bare minimum, in order to ensure the rule of law and human rights.

They emphasized that when implementing unilateral sanctions, states must use the precautionary principle to avoid any negative humanitarian consequences, and they called an end to the ‘punishment of innocent civilians.

Because of unilateral restrictions, embargoes, and blockades, many individuals around the world are denied the right to development, both for their countries’ economic development and for their own personal advancement, according to experts chosen by the UN Human Rights Council. Humans.

They emphasized that in a society on the verge of globalization, such setbacks impact everyone on a global scale.

According to the experts, the sanctions jeopardize the health of entire communities, obstruct the transportation of goods required for economic development, waste natural resources, and jeopardize environmental sustainability and the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

People in nations like Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, and Iran, for example, are left without access to webinars and online meetings for information, exchanges, education, and formation when US sanctions prohibit teleconferencing and data services.

Doctors and other medical staff, they claimed, are also unable to view their specialty’s databases.

When sanctions and unilateral coercive measures are enforced, all important activities for any nation’s growth are affected, according to the UN’s impartial experts.

The UN General Assembly has declared the right to development to be an inherent human right, which has been backed up by a number of multilateral statements. Since last year, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has frequently urged for the suspension of unilateral sanctions placed on a number of nations, which restrict the battle against Covid-19 in the affected countries as well as the promotion and enjoyment of all human rights.

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