Europe’s Aim for Data Spaces is Supported by Consultancies

With the goal of furthering the EU’s data strategy, a new coalition of key European data sharing players has been formed. The thirteen founding members include two management consulting firms.

Team Data Spaces is a coalition aimed at recognising the significance of data sharing in innovation, technological advancement, and broader economic development across Europe. The idea is to create a unified market for data that is shared by enterprises, governments, and individuals, and governed by strong privacy and security regulations.

A complicated network of technological, financial, and legal considerations would lie behind such a simple, shared data source, and Team Data Spaces has experts in these sectors among its ranks. The International Data Spaces Association, TNO,, and VTT are among the many businesses, governments, and non-governmental organisations that make up the partnership, which also includes consultancies Capgemini Invent and Innopay.

By offering considerable sociological, environmental, and economic value to society at large, data spaces will benefit a wide range of European stakeholders, including individual citizens and both commercial and public organisations. They will level the playing field when it comes to data exchange. They will stimulate more creative data applications and combinations. They will also be a crucial facilitator for the European AI plan, which relies on access to enormous amounts of high-quality data that is often decentralised.

Both consultancies specialise in data strategy and have long promoted the idea of data sharing. Capgemini Invent, a digital transformation firm, has been working with the European Commission on open data spaces since 2015 and was recently tapped to establish the European Support Centre for Data Sharing in 2019 and to head a group of enterprises in creating a single database of European data.

Innopay, established in Amsterdam, specialises in digital identification and data sharing for banking, payments, and commercial applications. The firm hosts an annual seminar called Data Sharing Days, where data specialists from all around Europe share their expertise in order to advance the continent’s highly valued data sharing goal.

The duo will now collaborate with Team Data Spaces to begin the first steps on the agenda, which include forming a data-sharing community, encouraging the adoption of supporting infrastructure toward a shared platform, developing a common roadmap for the future, and developing a framework to support the initiative’s legal and ethical aspects.

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