European Union offers 30 million euros in assistance to Lebanon

The Beirut blast, that occurred on August 4, has generated a humanitarian crisis in Lebanon calling for international organisations to come forward and extend humanitarian assistance to the people affected.

In lieu with the same, on August 9, the European Union (EU) has pledged 30 million euros (35.4 million U.S. dollars) in additional funding for the Lebanese people hit hard by the blast. The pledge has been made at the international conference on assistance and support to the Middle East country.

A press release by the European Commission stated that the aid was meant to address the immediate needs of those affected by the blast.

Janez Lenarcic, EU Commissioner for Crisis Management, said, “In these critical hours, the EU is providing shelter, emergency healthcare, water and sanitation, and food assistance.”

The assistance is provided in areas concerning search and rescue operations, chemical assessment and medical treatment, for which more than 300 experts from the EU and its member states have been deployed on the ground in Lebanon.

European Council President Charles Michel has urged an independent investigation into the cause of the deadly explosion. Earlier on August 6, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in a telephonic conversation with Lebanese President Michel Aoun, offered an initial aid of 33 million euros.

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