European Union looking for long-term measures amidst COVID-19 crisis

Looking for measures to be taken once normalcy will start paving way from the crisis of COVID-19, the European Commission will next month present a set of rules for the safe reopening of air travel.

On April 23, Transport Commissioner Adina Valean said that in order to respect the safety of passengers, some social distancing rules in airports and planes will have to be respected. He added that wearing of face masks and disinfection of planes and airports will be top priority.

Transport Commissioner Adina Valean twitted, “All this should be part of those guidelines and probably by mid-May we can put forward this strategy we are working on.”

Pertaining to uncertainties over resumption of airline operations and the need for social distancing on a long-term basis, Valean said, “We expect the crisis to stay with us and the virus to stay with us”.

Airlines have raised concerns that measures to slow the spread of the pandemic could blight profitability long after the travel restrictions end. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimated that the crisis could cost airlines a total of 314 billion U.S. dollars.

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