European Union dedicate 2022 to young people

The European Union has agreed to dedicate the year 2022 to young people.  

Young people’s well-being, development, engagement, and participation in society are all important to the EU. That is why it has launched numerous youth programmes and initiatives over the years, ranging from the well-known and popular Erasmus exchange programme, which began in 1987, to the most recent involvement of young people in the Conference on the Future of Europe, where a third of the citizens’ panels participants are under the age of 25. 

The EU is putting a special emphasis on young people this year. The purpose is to integrate young people and their concerns in policymaking, as well as to arrange youth-oriented activities throughout the EU. 

Young people with fewer opportunities or mental health issues will receive special attention, as requested by Parliament. The Alma project, which will promote cross-border mobility for underprivileged young people, will be launched this year. 

Young people have been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis: they have lost jobs and their mental and emotional health has deteriorated. As a result, the EU has agreed to prioritize youth concerns and try to improve the chances of young people. 

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