Europe cuts off UK over fears of COVID-19 strain

Over fears of COVID-19 strain, Britain’s European neighbours have begun closing their doors to travellers from the United Kingdom.

Amid alarm about a rapidly spreading strain of COVID-19 infection that has caused cases to soar in the region, France has said that it would bar all people and freight carriers, whether by road, air, sea or rail, coming from the United Kingdom fro next 48 hours, beginning Dec 20 night.

On the other hand, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands have ordered to suspend flights from Britain and Ireland has said to bar flights and ferries from its neighbour. 

Stressing that the government of India is fully alert, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said, “There is no need to panic.” Adding further he ensured that so far the government has taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety of people and will continue to do so.

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