EU to provide trade benefits to Bangladesh post LDC graduation

Charles Whiteley, the EU’s newly appointed ambassador to Bangladesh, has guaranteed Bangladesh that trade facilitation will continue even when the country is no longer classified as an LDC. 

Today, Tapan Kanti Ghosh, the Commerce Secretary, met with the EU ambassador. They discussed matters of mutual interest and trade development between Bangladesh and the European Union during the meeting. 

Strategies and strategies for post-graduation collaboration from LDCs to enhance EU-Bangladesh trade, as well as bilateral comprehensive cooperation, including trade and commerce expansion, were discussed. 

Tapan Ghosh and Charles Whitely also discussed a variety of topics, including diversifying Bangladesh’s export goods, extending the EU’s GSP benefits to Bangladesh, and foreign investment in Bangladesh’s logistics sector. 

They made arrangements for the EU-Bangladesh Business Climate Dialogue next meeting. 

They also hosted a number of programmes on topics such as capacity building, e-commerce, environmental protection, compliance, and market access. 

Hafizur Rahman, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce (Export), Hafizur Rahman, Director General (Additional Secretary) of the WTO Cell, Hafizur Rahman, and Nur Mahbubul Haque, Additional Secretary (FTA), were also present at the meeting, as were EU representatives. 

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