EU to disburse 7.9 Million Euro as Budget Support to the Government of Guyana

The European Union has decided to disburse 7.9 Million Euro as Budget Support to the Government of Guyana. EU Ambassador to Guyana. EU Ambassador Ponz Canto remarked that this sizeable disbursement illustrates the firm EU commitment towards Guyana’s inclusive and sustainable development, and stressed the importance of this contribution to support prosperity for all Guyanese. 

Ambassador Ponz Canto indicated that “the EU stands firmly by the side of Guyana, even  more in times of crisis. We trust that this contribution will help the Country to develop its huge potential, bringing sustainable and inclusive development for the benefit of all Guyanese”. 

Guyana Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh said that Guyana will not more budgetary support from EU in the future, despite the fact that it was an oil producing country. “You refer to our imminent oil revenue and I will say that oil revenue notwithstanding, we intend to work very hard to qualify for every single Euro of budget support because it goes a long way in helping us to finance the important budgetary initiatives that we have included in our budget,” said Dr Singh. 

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