EU provides €8.1 million Humanitarian Aid for vulnerable population in South and South East Asia.

The European Commission is providing €8.1 million in humanitarian aid for the Philippines, Nepal, and countries in the South-East Asian region to support those affected by the coronavirus pandemic, natural disasters, and the consequences of man-made conflicts. Funding from this aid package will go for humanitarian and disaster preparedness projects in the Philippines (€2.51 million), Nepal (€2 million), and regional South-East Asia (€3.5 million). 

Janez Lenarčič, Commissioner for Crisis Management, said: “The EU is helping to provide life-saving assistance to those most affected by the impact of natural hazards in South and South-East Asia, the frequency of which are increasing year-on-year. This aid package will also strengthen the preparation and response to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as humanitarian operations. The EU stands ready to assist the most vulnerable in South and South-East Asia.” 

In South-East Asia, which is among the most disaster-affected regions in the world increasing the frequency of natural disasters, support is focused primarily on consolidating disaster preparedness and response in urban areas. Aid is also allocated to assist humanitarian organisations in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Philippines will receive funding aimed at increasing food security, access to clean water and sanitation services, protection, education, and shelter for displaced people. A portion of the funding will also be allocated to emergency preparedness for natural disasters. The funding in Nepal will focus exclusively on disaster preparedness operations. 

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