EU leaders still at bay over COVID-19 recovery fund

Little possibility remains at table for the European Union leaders as the talks over the proposed 1.8 trillion-euro (2.06 trillion U.S. dollars) budget for a coronavirus recovery fund remain unresolved.

The European Union leaders as of July 20, remain at impasse even after three days of face to face talks leading to several disagreements.

The talks among the EU leaders have been the first physical talk in five months since the global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The Summit was earlier planned for just two-days but has been extended an extra day.

The Chairman of the Summit, Charles Michel have urged the European leaders to make one last push to agree to an unprecedented 1.8 trillion-euro budget as recovery fund. He urged the leaders to stand united in times of unparallel crisis by keeping their differences at bay.

At the third dinner in a row at the Brussels Conference Center, Charles Michel, the European Council President said, “My hope is that we reach an agreement and that the headline tomorrow is that the EU has accomplished mission impossible.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the discussions could still end without a deal. She said, “Whether there will be a solution, I still can’t say … There is a lot of goodwill, but there are also a lot of positions. So, I will join in working for it. But there may also be no result today.”

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