EU Introduces Digital Development Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean

The Digital for Development (D4D) Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean was launched today by the European Commission and the Slovenian Presidency of the Council. This is a huge step forward in global cooperation on digital challenges, one year after the D4D Hub for Africa was launched, in line with the EU’s Global Gateway Strategy. The D4D’s Latin America and Caribbean branch will bring the digital markets of the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean closer together. 

In 2022, the EU-Latin America and the Caribbean Digital Alliance will be formed. By bringing in EU digital expertise and technology, as well as promoting relationships, collaborations, and investments in the digital economy of Latin America and the Caribbean, the D4D Hub will be one of the major routes for translating digital transformation into actions. 

The EU and Latin America and the Caribbean have strong digital linkages, notably the BELLA programme with Latin America, which is a 34,000-kilometer long digital network spanning Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, and Chile. A fibre-optic submarine cable carries 6,000 kilometers of that network beneath the Atlantic Ocean. 

In line with discussions at the EU-Latin America and the Caribbean Leaders’ Meeting on December 2, 2021, the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean are interested in strengthening digital cooperation as a central part of their joint forward-looking, sustainable recovery agenda. President von der Leyen launched the Digital for Development (D4D) Hub on December 8, 2020. It is an ambitious Team Europe coordination structure aimed at enhancing engagement with partner countries in order to foster a human-centric model of digital transformation. So far, 12 EU Member States (Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands) have joined forces with the European Investment Bank and the European Commission to address the digital divide as Team Europe in the Global D4D Hub. 

Because of the D4D Hub’s worldwide reach, Team Europe has been able to collaborate on digital transformation with partner countries. The African Union-European Union D4D Hub, which provides needs-based technical help in response to the features of local digital ecosystems, has been operating in Africa through a first pilot project with five EU Member States (Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, and Luxembourg). 

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