Ethiopian PM says army will intensify operations

Ethiopia is sitting on a conflict hotbed. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has told the nation the military will carry out further operations this week in response to an alleged deadly attack on a military base by the regional government. 

Abiy Ahmed, had earlier ordered a military response to an “attack” by the ruling party of the restive Tigray region on a camp housing federal troops. 

“Our defence forces … have been ordered to carry out their mission to save the country. The final point of the red line has been crossed. Force is being used as the last measure to save the people and the country,” Abiy said. 

Abiy accused the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) of attacking a military camp in the region and attempting to loot military assets. 

Abiy’s government has now declared a six-month-long state of emergency in Tigray. 

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