Ethiopia restores internet access after complete shutdown in response to protests over musician’s murder

Ethiopia on July 24, completely restored internet access after it was completely shut down at the end of June in the wake of the protests over the murder of a prominent musician Hachalu Hundessa.

The internet was shut down after the protests raged, a move which the government has said, helped in managing the situation and avoiding unwanted destruction by violent protestors.

In mid-July the internet services were restored partially after the normalcy was felt in areas affected by the unrest. The Foreign ministry’s spokesman Dina Mufti had said that once the country regained full stability, full internet access would be restored. Adding further, Mufti said that internet closure was a national security issue but did not aim at muzzling press freedom.

Experts from the United Nations urged the Ethiopian government to restore the internet services arguing that it was difficult without it to track and confirm the number of fatalities during the protest.

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