Ethiopia Human Rights Commission says Eritrean soldiers massacred more than 100 civilians in Tigray

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has that Eritrean soldiers massacred over 100 civilians in the conflict-ridden region of Tigray in Ethiopia.  

“Information collected during this preliminary investigation confirm that during the two days of Nov 28 and Nov 29, grave violations of human rights were committed and that in Axum, over one hundred residents… were killed by Eritrean soldiers,” the commission said. 

“As these grave human rights violations may amount to crimes against humanity or war crimes, it underscores the need for a comprehensive investigation into (the) overall human rights situation in Tigray region.” 

“Eritrean soldiers went door to door asking women ‘where their husbands or children were’ telling them ‘to bring their sons out if they have any’,” the report stated. 

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