Ethiopia elections to take place on 21 June

National elections in Ethiopia will now take place on June 21. The new date of June 21 was revealed on Thursday at a press conference by electoral board spokeswoman Solyana Shimeles, following meetings with Abiy’s government, opposition parties and regional officials. 

The Ethiopian general elections, which after a series of regular postponements scheduled on June 5, 2021, were delayed once again as on May 15, 2021, the Head of the National Elections Board of Ethiopia (NEBE)  Birtukan Mideksa held a meeting with political parties’ representatives and announced that the June 5 vote will be postponed. The need to finish printing ballots, training staffers and compiling voters’ information were given as official reasons for the delay in the statement. “The vote will not happen on June 5 … we can’t tell you the date as the board has to examine the inputs it received from parties,” said election board chairwoman Birutkan Mideksa. Practically, it became impossible to deliver all these at the originally slated dates. “She said the new date would take into account the rainy season — which runs from about June to September. 

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