Encouraged by China’s commitment to climate protection, says German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Encouraged by China’s latest commitment to climate protection and emissions cuts, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on September 30 said that Europe will work with China in this regard.

Referring to China’s commitment to climate targets, Merkel said, “When you see the development challenges the country still faces, these are very ambitious goals, which should also encourage us in Europe to really achieve our goals.”

During her speech at the Bundestag, she said that China’s participation in efforts towards climate protection is very important and the country stands by the Paris climate agreement. With the numerous measures taken by China, including adjusting industrial structures, promoting the construction of carbon markets, optimizing energy mixes and improving energy efficiency, cutting carbon emissions to net-zero by 2060 seems realistic, say experts.

Photo Credit : https://ha.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Besuch_Bundeskanzlerin_Angela_Merkel_im_Rathaus_K%C3%B6ln-09916.jpg

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