Elections in Libya a Window of Opportunity Toward Peace and Stability

Mr. Guterres made the plea in a video message to the Paris Conference on Libya, which French President Emmanuel Macron hosted on Friday. A total of 30 countries and organizations are expected to attend. 

The conference’s main purpose is to grab this opportunity for peace, reaffirming worldwide support for Libya. Since the fall of the previous leader Muammar Gadaffi a decade ago, the North African country has faced various political and security difficulties. 

According to Mr. Guterres, Libya is now closer to resolving its internal issue and halting the cycle of political transfers than it has been in many years.  

He advised those in positions of power to prioritize the country’s well-being and development before their own personal interests. 

Most Libyans, according to the UN head, support the polls on December 24, which are being held in accordance with a political roadmap set last year after a historic ceasefire between the country’s two opposing administrations. 

He went on to say that about three million people have already registered to vote and that their hopes and desire to participate in free and fair elections must be met. 

Meanwhile, the participation of foreign entities in Libya’s domestic political and security matters is a major source of concern, and the UN Secretary-General has called for an end to foreign interference in the country. 

The UN chief was heartened by the 5+5 Joint Military Commission’s (JMC) Action Plan on the gradual departure of mercenaries, as well as foreign fighters and forces, which was signed last month by government and opposition military officials. 

Given the regional nature of the withdrawal of foreign fighters, the Secretary-General cited discussions between Libya and neighboring countries as another hopeful indicator. He emphasized the importance of supporting the 5+5 JMC and adhering to the current arms embargo. 

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